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AVERAGE - 06' 34"

ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 19"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 30"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 37"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 41"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 49"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 01"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 07"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 08"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 12"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 26"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 28"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 34"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 36"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 36"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 39"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 11"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 15"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 22"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 23"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 26"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 27"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 28"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 34"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 41"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 42"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 43"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 48"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 49"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 49"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 49"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 50"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 56"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 00"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 00"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 19"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 21"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 30"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 31"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 43"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 46"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 47"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 47"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 49"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 50"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 01"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 10"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 10"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 17"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 25"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 33"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 35"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 42"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 03"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 06"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 08"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 10"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 11"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 19"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 23"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 26"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 28"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 37"
ANONYMOUS  --- 08' 05"
ANONYMOUS  --- 08' 28"
ANONYMOUS  --- 08' 34"
ANONYMOUS  --- 09' 13"
ANONYMOUS  --- 09' 17"
ANONYMOUS  --- 09' 18"
ANONYMOUS  --- 09' 19"
ANONYMOUS  --- 09' 56"
ANONYMOUS  --- 10' 28"
ANONYMOUS  --- 11' 38"
ANONYMOUS  --- 14' 28"
ANONYMOUS  --- 17' 46"
ANONYMOUS  --- 19' 56"
ANONYMOUS  --- 36' 51"

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