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AVERAGE - 08' 00"

ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 37"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 41"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 44"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 55"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 58"
ANONYMOUS  --- 02' 59"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 13"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 33"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 34"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 55"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 55"
ANONYMOUS  --- 03' 59"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 08"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 11"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 11"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 12"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 14"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 17"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 21"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 21"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 40"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 45"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 46"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 48"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 51"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 55"
ANONYMOUS  --- 04' 57"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 05"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 08"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 11"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 15"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 21"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 24"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 29"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 29"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 33"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 33"
ANONYMOUS  --- 05' 58"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 16"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 21"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 28"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 31"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 32"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 34"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 44"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 47"
ANONYMOUS  --- 06' 58"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 08"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 21"
ANONYMOUS  --- 07' 52"
ANONYMOUS  --- 08' 00"
ANONYMOUS  --- 10' 55"
ANONYMOUS  --- 11' 38"
ANONYMOUS  --- 11' 50"
ANONYMOUS  --- 12' 02"
ANONYMOUS  --- 12' 02"
ANONYMOUS  --- 12' 02"
ANONYMOUS  --- 12' 46"
ANONYMOUS  --- 14' 56"
ANONYMOUS  --- 16' 20"
ANONYMOUS  --- 17' 49"
ANONYMOUS  --- 20' 09"
ANONYMOUS  --- 20' 40"
ANONYMOUS  --- 42' 14"
ANONYMOUS  --- 48' 09"

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2 1 3 5
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6 7 8 5 4
8 5 1
8 9 1 5 4 3
5 1 4
1 8 3 4 6
9 3 6
3 2 7 8

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